Type: Academic competition for a youngsters-house
Size: 2.700m²
Location: Göteborg, SW
Team: Ahmed Belkhodja, Alexandre Carpentier
Date: May 2010
Award: 4th place - honorable mention

The aim of the project is to give birth to a vibrant community of programs dedicated to children, and to operate a clear and precise meeting with the city. The analysis of the site leads us to try to avoid confrontation with the neighbour housing block’s façade as much as possible. At the same time, in order to fulfill the wish of the municipality to revitalise Landala Square, we decided to do it by a real engagment of it instead of providing it a close but disconnected landmark.

Thus, the project has a completely different behaviour on both of its sites. On the proposed plot, we disposed the ”learning & making” elements of the program, clearly outlined from the city by the wall which provides a continuity of exterior spaces dedicated to children. The other parts of the program, that we called ”watching & showing”, are unified in a volume which oversteps the surrounding wall and the street to reach the public life of the city in Landala Square.

General view
Overall view
Tri-level plan
Main facade
Inside workshops
Outside workshop area
Model 1:200
Model 1:200
Model 1:200