Type: Nikon D5100
Location: Worldwide
Date: 2006-2012

I am trying to keep an eye wide open on what is going on when I am moving around. This is a collection of personal shots that I like, for what they show and how I felt while taking them. I am glad to share it with you, have a nice visit !
Greenery, Pougny 2012
Scoring, Feurs 12
Olympics, Berlin 11
Limonade, Tunisia 11
Connecting people, Tunisia 11
Airconditioned bunker, Madrid 11
Powder, Tunisia 11
Roadwalk, Tunisia 11
Hopefulness, Tunisia 11
Christmas cake, Vendee 11
Tchsstchsss, Tunisia 11
1 cow, Tunisia 11
Busdriver, Tunisia 11
Roofkiosk, Madrid 11
Extruded grid, Madrid 11
Mirror, Tunisia 11
Food care, Tunisia 11
Kiwis, Liege 11
Landmark, Tunisia 11
Rock, Berlin 11
Moon, Tunisia 11
Seaside, Vendee 11
Bricks, Liege 11
Campagne, Feurs 12
Icebiking, Copenhagen 10
Hawk, Geneva 11