Type: International competition for an exhibition pavillon
Size: 220m³
Location: New York, USA
Team: Juliette Biesse, Alexandre Carpentier, Maxime Pauzon
Date: January 2012
Award: 3rd prize winner

Focusing on the needs for an Art exhibition pavillon, we developped an other concept regarding the standards of the existing streets galleries: we propose a volumetric showcasing area. The aim is to give back to local people the opportunity to simply exhibit their works, their interests, and share it with the pedestrians visitors. The «under the bridge» condition leads us, from an empty space, to make an attractive spot in that cultural context.

Based on simple and affordable raw materials (such as steel rails, screws, bolts, lockers), the modular system allows an easy transportation of the whole pavillon within one single truck, and provide a fair equal unit for each participant of the experiment.

By stacking the boxes on top of each other, we provide more surface for the exhibition itself, and generate the inner area, which has several uses, like workshop space for artists, and could be converted into a meeting space for lectures. A flexible plan reduces the limits of space. Thanks to that technical design, the pavillon itself can be considered as part of the exhibition. Reconsidering the definition of the wall - its thickness - helped us to design a project in order not only to contain, but to be an exhibition.

The combination of a temporary and permanent exhibition strengthens the local impact of the pavillon in the neighboorhood. The internet portal www.220m3.com lets the participant fill a request application to get the locker’s code of any available box and to expose freely whatever he wants, meanwhile some of the boxes are dedicated only to the permanent showcase.


Main facade
Axonometric view
Program + Construction
Installation + Uses
Inside projection
Dedicated website