Type: Urbanism research
Size: -
Location: Geneva, CH
Team: Juliette Biesse, Alexandre Carpentier, Maxime Pauzon
Date: 2011

«The interstices represent what still resist in metropolitan centers, what resist to the rules influence and to the homogenization. They form in a way the reserve of availability of the city» Pascal Nicolas-Le Strat

Since 10 years in Geneva, the city policy seeks to close the cultural venues that hosted the production-run alternative art. If the independent art collectives do not want to disappear, they must adapt and find a new way to exist “outside-the-walls”. The current land situation (0.27% vacancy) offers few places for artists, who are therefore investing the neglected urban spaces, anachronistic and unrealized. These reserves of space in the city represent a potential of development to be exploited. Their multiplicity and singularity require a new look to identify a possible future.

The in-situ artist uses his nomadism and experience of the place to feed his work and offers an alternative to the territory. By stimulating the imagination of everyone, urban art plays a developer role, encouraging the invention.

Axonometric collage
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