Type: University work
Size: Urban planning
Location: Geneva, CH
Team: Studio SPAA ENSAL
Date: February 2012

Through this exercise, we propose a territorial vision for Geneva at the 2030 horizon, which plans a growth of 200.000 inhabitants, 100.000 jobs and 50.000 houses on the land.

What is special about the cities axis Geneva-Bellegarde is its urbanity which developed itself diffusely, coextensive with the territory. The town-country relationship was reversed and it is the city that surrounds the "countryside". In the case of Geneva, it creates a special relationship with the major geographic features such as the Rhone river and the Jura or Saleve mountains. These large entities are included in a new urbanity and can become a driving force for its transformation, and the establishment of a balanced ratio between Geneva and his city.

Inside the problematic of living in this territory, it is important to exploit the specific potential of a hedonistic report to the territory of Geneva, where the geographical feature is giving a high value to the quality of life. We therefore choose to not consider the density as the main entrance to the question, but rather the ​values of the context amenities related to it.
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