Type: Competition
Size: -
Location: South Cadbury, UK
Team: Alexandre Carpentier, Antoine Kersse, Maxime Pauzon
Date: April 2013

From the very unclear clues that Camelot once stood on top of South Cadbury hill, the main goal of setting CRVC here was to generate a reason worth coming.

What to expect?

Monumental, abstract and neutral, the CRVC has to be more than a building, it will be an experience. It is a stand that will host King Arthur’s legend, but also reveal the unicity of its context.

A neutral grid is a tool to apprehend the huge size of the hill, inspired by archaeological excavation methods which use a reference scale module. It is created by a multiplicated familiar room size.

Various activities will be spread-out within the area. As a systematic structure, it slowly disappears leaving the hill as an organize free space. By bringing an oversized rational space system to this legendary site, the project creates an endless universe of experiences.
01. Confront to attract curiosity
02. Size matters
03. A la carte tour
04. Emphasize the ascent, get stronger awareness
Axonometric overview