Hello, my name is Alex.

Size: 1.87m
Languages: , ,
Location: Toulouse, FR
Date: July, 5th (gifts appreciated)

Born in France in the late 80s, I have always kept in mind curiosity for Nature and the World I live in. Acting first as a young boy, I used to dismantle every single toy I had (for the big dispair of my parents). I needed to understand what was going on: reverse ingeneering for everything, it was my leitmotiv during those early years. Then I grew up this way, with the helpful learning of school and the basics from my scientific and artistic knowledge. Art courses developed my creativity, and allowed me to experiment relations between Human, Space and Time. Also, the curious number on the top left corner is the deadline of my life :)

So, Architecture became obviously the subject I wanted to get involved in. It was not a question, but more like a strong sureness that feeds yourself. Space is a gift, it can improve our happiness just by feeling how we interact with it. Being an Architect is not a job, it is a real passion. And as it is, I get seriously engaged inside the project given to me. But serious does not mean boring, and I am persuaded that we can enhance the spaces qualities, as I enjoy working hard on: I have faith in.

My goal is to re-connect people with Architecture, caring of the earth, and providing smart innovations for the future. Hey, drop me a line by mail if you mind, it will be a pleasure for me to answer. You will find my contact details in the cv+vcard section.

Have a nice ride !