Type: School work
Size: Short films
Location: Lyon, FR
Team: Alexandre Carpentier
Date: 2008-2010

Here are some of my several video exercises, realized during university courses.

1. Art des objet: Personnal work about the theme of the bedroom, and the sleeping cycle. No real beginning nor end. How can we imagine series of action, hapenning in a surnatural environment. Inspired by the work of Fishli & Weiss. Should be watched using loop.

2. Art corporel: Intervention on the architectural project site. The character draws directly on the existing area using a chalk. It is as conceiving without ink and paper, but as if you could be able du draw directly what to build. Scenes recorded on site first, then another indoor session with the screen.

3. Lets get layered: The task was to make a video of gothenburg from another angle, without any post-production. By merging two overlapping scenes (two projectors used), we imagine the area with more connections between the existing transport ways, and reveal an unexpected potential...

Requires flash player.
1. Art des objets
2. Art corporel
3. Lets get layered